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Magab 3000 Electromagnetic Flow meter


MagAb 3000 Catalog

Electromagnetic flow meter (EM) Magab 3000 is the result of 15 years research and field use in EM flow meters. Electromagnetic flow meter measures almost any liquid, slurry, paste that has a minimum electrical conductivity. The sophisticated, processor based signal conversion in Magab 3000, represents the state of the art in the industry. The standard accuracy is ± 0.5%, but ± 0.2% or better is optionally available. The flow meter is unaffected by most solids contained in the liquids.


- Power supply in two versions : 220 VAC ±10% plus internal batteries or alternatively internal batteries        for use in case where electricity is not available
- Modular construction in two separate and compact versions
- High electromagnetic compatibility
- High operating integrity
- Data protection with EEPROM, without batteries in case of power failure
- Bidirectional flow measurement
- Empty Pipe Detection, EPD
- Equipped with data logger (optional)
- Signal converter in shock resistant aluminum housing, resistant to acids and caustics
- Password protected, set via 3 keys
- Sensor housing, carbon steel IP68
- Fit and forget, no calibration needed in the field.


Principle of operation
The flow meter consists of a stainless steel tube lined with a nonconductive material. Outside the tube two DC powered electromagnetic coils are positioned diametrically opposing each other. Perpendicular to these coils, two electrodes are inserted into the flow tube.

When the coils are energized, a magnetic field is created across the whole diameter of the pipe. When a conductive fluid flows through this magnetic field, a voltage is induces across the electrodes. This voltage is directly proportional to average flow velocity of the fluid and is picked up by the two electrodes.

This induced voltage is then amplified and processed digitally by the converter to produce a very accurate analog or digital signal. The signal can then be used to indicate flow rate, totalization or to communicate to remote sensors and controllers. The main advantages of this technology are that, with no movement parts in the flow stream, there is no pressure loss and the accuracy is not affected by temperature, pressure, viscosity, density or flow profile and with no moving parts, there  is practically no maintenance required. In this method of measurement the conductivity of the various liquids should be more than 5 µs/cm.

The conductivity of pure water or potable water is always more than 5 µs/cm.

Courtesy of Bidestan Alcohol Manufacturing factory
  Courtesy of Kahrizak paper Manufacturing factory

Calibration :
Every MagAb 3000 electromagnetic flow meter is calibrated according to international standards ISO 4064 or ISO 4185 at our Hydrometric Laboratory Rig
Shiraz, Iran. By this method, weight and volume of a known amount of liquid is measured with the accuracy of  ± 0.5% or 0.2% (optional). Results are included in a report supplied with each flow meter to the  customer.

Accuracy curve :
The accuracy of MagAb 3000 according to the curve below is less than ± 0.5% of Full Scale (FS).

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