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User Manual

Hardware & Operation : The Ultraflo electronics are housed in a specifically designed IP65 enclosure, which incorporates the graphic display, keypad, sensor and output facility connections. Programming the unit is carried out by selecting the options displayed in the main menu and by following the simple instructions in any of the user selectable languages. Signal strength, time and date, as well as flow information are all continuously displayed, keeping the user fully aware of the measurement process.
Flow Transducers : The Ultraflo is able to work with different transducer sets depending on the unit purchased and the application. Sensors are mounted in a guide rail provided with each instrument, to ensure correct mounting and reliable operation on any size pipe, in either diagonal or reflex mode.
Data Logger : (U4000 only) The built in data logger in the U4000 allows site details and flow data to be recorded with a memory, that is able to log 198,000 separate readings. Data can be stored in 5 second to 1 hour intervals. The data for each site is stored in the memory until it has been cleared. The stored data can be displayed on the instrument in text or graph format. The instrument is also capable of downloading the stored data via the USB or RS232 output port

The Ultraflo is a transit time ultrasonic flow meter designed to work with clamp- on transducers, to provide accurate measurement of liquid flowing within a closed pipe, without the need for any mechanical parts to be inserted through the pipe wall or to protrude into the flow system. It takes just a few minutes to install and there is no need to shut down flow or drain the system

When ultrasound is transmitted between the transducers, the speed at which the sound travels through the liquid is accelerated slightly by the velocity of the liquid through the pipe. When ultrasound is transmitted in the opposite direction, the flow of the liquid causes the transmitted sound to decelerate. The subsequent time difference is directly proportional to the flow velocity in the pipe. Having measured the flow velocity and knowing the pipe cross-sectional area, the volumetric flow can be easily calculated

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